A collection of poetry.

In between

In between me and you May there never be. Never be that space. Space Between here and there Then and now Space between intention and action Space in the before Where do you dwell? In the space between my neurones Are you the electricity that jumps the gap Enabling thought, feeling, movement Being


Even a flower made of glass is not as delicate as the actual petal. Even the finest lace is not as fragile as the dragonfly wing it’s trying to be. Man’s attempts to represent God’s subtlety. So my life is. A weaving tapestry of web like threads. Here I go – planning and striving – …

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Walk with me

Walk with me through the trees and you won’t fear the shade Wander in the sunlight splashes to my ever verdant glade And as you go I too am there it is all as I planned Waiting hoping knowing that you will stretch out your hand Tentative your fingers brush the tips of my very …

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