A collection of prose.

In your strength

If I stand still. The shadow might pass me by. If I show no hint of sorrow then the tears will not come and betray me. If I can learn not to flinch then pain might pass me by and tragedy not pool at my feet. If I am very quiet. If I close down. …

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Swirling mass of purple hues

Swirling mass of purple hues, like the centre of a bruise Where darkness is life Life from nothingness Life from death Old blood Save us with old blood Blood that saves Centuries old


You step into a river. The water around you is ever changing as it forces on, bending around your static form. So have you changed place? The water that you were in is now 500m downstream, as it moves on do you not? It takes with it your warmth, dirt and scent – a memory …

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Badge of honour.

My crest. My Standard. My Rallying point, my sweet home, my safe place, my boundary. Bloodied yet lofted high. Raised by faithful arms, passed from ever strong to ever strong. My eye will scan the skies for these colours of mine. My heart swells to see it fly. One more push, one more breath. I …

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