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What is the Gospel?

I have talked to a lot of people about God over the years and most of the time they are not interested. In the conversation we just can’t get past hurdle one. Why. That’s all very nice, maybe there is a God maybe this Jesus does exist but what is the relevance to my life? …

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Philip the rule breaker

I am going to be talking to you about Phillip. Not Phillip – one of Jesus 12 disciples but the Phillip we find in acts… download full text! Listen now:


When I started reading around Enoch – i.e. what other people are saying about this biblical character, actually there is quite a lot of chatter about this guy. Not because of what is here in these verses but because Enoch – like lots of lesser mentioned characters is a man of mysteries ….ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh… download full …

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Walking with God, Promises Fulfilled

Now if God promises you something – if he says something is going to occur that is a promise – that is a prophecy. Let’s take a look at exactly what God promised Abraham and when… download full text! Listen now: